At the fourth EMBA Entrepreneurship Seminar of Beijing Jiaotong
University, two of four innovative enterprises received statements of
intentions to invest from VC firms, a further contribution by the
university in assisting development of small and medium-sized
(SMEs).必发88手机版 1The
fourth EMBA Entrepreneurship Seminar of Beijing Jiaotong University is
held at the School of Economics and Management on May 13.The seminar,
held on May 13 by the university’s School of Economics and Management,
invited leaders of six VC firms, scholars and entrepreneurs to evaluate
the programs of four innovating enterprises in the industries of
intelligent hardware, psychological health, education and environmental
protection.必发88手机版 2A
team leader demonstrates the oil and gas leak supervision program for
the investors at the entrepreneurship seminar on May 13.Group leaders
illustrated their project’s concepts, feasibility, and innovative
points, and introduced their management teams. The investors and
scholars discussed their interest and apprehensions with the
entrepreneurs, and gave them suggestions.Su Wei, founder and CEO of
Beijing Digi Bird Science and Technology Development Co Ltd, said the
leading group or the partners are the core of an innovating enterprise.
To attract venture capital investment, the leaders should analyze the
market trends, develop reasonable business models, and be clear about
how to efficiently acquire customers. They should also be clear about
the differences of their products and technologies. Su added that to
persuade investors, entrepreneurs need to be pragmatic on their proposed
use of the
capital.必发88手机版 3Su
Wei, founder and CEO of Beijing Digi Bird Science and Technology
Development Co Ltd, shares his experience in entrepreneurship at the
seminar.In recent years, venture investment in China is thought to
suffer from “winter capital”, arising from extensive development. That’s
also the weakness of various sorts of entrepreneurial platforms. Taking
advantage of the university’s academic research and resources, the
seminar identifies and cultivates valuable projects, boosting the
success rate of venture investment.At the seminar, group leaders of Warm
Psychology’s mental health platform and an oil and gas leak supervision
program signed letters of interest with the VC firms. A handover
ceremony for rotating CEOs was also held at the seminar. As for the next
step, an enterprise interrogation section will be unveiled, which will
combine Mckinsey and PwC models with the resources of the university to
encourage business and industrial
development.必发88手机版 4

Connecting old, embracing new: fostering global futures at BJTU

第1届全国经院双创大赛运行,期刊速览。The 1st National Finance and Economics Universities Innovation &
Entrepreneurship Competition kicked off


By Jiang Xingguang Updated: 2016-09-12 11:16


[杂志速览]《香港(Hong Kong)工商院学报》二零一八年第2期

“When I met the professors who taught me 13 years ago on campus, I was
nearly in tears. I gathered my happiest times and memories here,
studying and living for five years at Beijing Jiaotong University
(BJTU),” Nguyen Tran Quang, a class of 2008 graduate from Vietnam, said
emotionally in fluent Chinese as he stood on the stage.

Shanghai, May 21- Innovation & entrepreneurship education should not be
unified but characteristic, principal of Shanghai University of Finance
and Economics Fan Liming noted that different from science and
engineering colleges with strong technical innovation features,
universities of finance and economics which have more advantages in the
economic, financial, service industry should focus on “service+”
entrepreneurial talent training.


Addressing an audience of around 200 — mostly international exchange
students from around the world — the environmental engineering graduate
was often applauded as he spoke.



“I want to share with you the five ‘mosts’ during my stay here at
Jiaotong University,” said Nguyen Tran Quang, now an assistant to the
general manager at a Thermo Electron facility in his home country.

第1届全国经院双创大赛运行,期刊速览。The First National Finance and Economics Universities Innovation &
Entrepreneurship Competition, held by Higher Financial & Economic
Education Branch of China Higher Education Association, Guangming Daily
and SHUFE, kicked off in Shanghai this morning to establish a platform
for communication and interaction between universities of finance and
economics and jointly explore service+” entrepreneurial model.

作者:李长安(对外经贸大学公共工业学院,Hong Kong 100029)

“My most-loved place here is the football field; and my most-loved
person is my head teacher.”



“The scent I miss most is the smell of leaves on the campus; the
accomplishment I feel most proud of was attending BJTU’s First
International Culture Festival on May 20, 2006; and the contribution I
am most proud of, the last I made to my school, was to set up a web page
showing 360 degrees of pictures of the campus.”

Team leader of each participating group should be current students in
finance and economics universities or alumni who graduated after June,


“I even got reported in the media for my site,” said the slim young man,
grinning. “I wanted to show those who came after me how BJTU looked in

  1. Organizer will members from industry enterprises, venture capital
    organizations, science parks, universities and research institutes to
    join an experts committee to selected 60 or so excellent projects from
    nationwide to come to the final in Shanghai.

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The Inheriting, Integrating and Innovation — Studying Abroad and Career

One special award will finally be selected to win 20,000 yuan prize and
3 first prize winners will be rewarded 10,000 yuan. 10 2nd prize winners
and 15 3rd prize winners will be rewarded 5,000 and 3,000 yuan


Opportunities International Alumni Forum is held on Sept 10.


Evolution of Four Waves of Entrepreneurship in China:From “Refugee
Effect” to “Entrepreneur Effect”

[Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

The Second National Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education Seminar held
after launch ceremony of the competition, attracting experts from 26
national financial and economics universities and 22 Shanghai
universities to share their opinions on how to make the most of
characteristics and advantages of financial and economics universities
so as to provide the right “service+” entrepreneurship education.

LI Chang’an(School of Public Administration,University of International
Business and Economics,Beijing 100029,China)

Integrating Traditions for Common Development

Abstract: This paper studies the development and evolution of
entrepreneurial activity in China since the reform and opening up to the
world,which reveals the waves of entrepreneurship in their formation
process,economic background and development. Based on the statistical
analysis of the growth in the newly-emerging private enterprises,it
concludes that there have been four waves of entrepreneurship in China
so far. Based on the theory of “refugee effect” and the theory of
“entrepreneurial effect” which create entrepreneurial activities,this
paper finds that in the previous three waves of
entrepreneurship,”refugee effect” has played a leading role,with the
entrepreneurs mainly the losers in labor market who are generally low in
their quality and whose entrepreneurial behaviors are mostly passive
type and survival type. But in the 4th wave,it reveals a trend from
“refugee effect” to “entrepreneurial effect” in an evolutionary process
of entrepreneurial activity,with diversified entrepreneur groups and
obviously high quality. Opportunity type entrepreneurship has gradually
become a main entrepreneurial activity. In order to promote the 4th wave
of entrepreneurship in depth,it is necessary to deal well with the
relationship between government and market,continuously improve the
efficiency and accuracy of entrepreneurship support policy,pay attention
to improve the quality of entrepreneurship as the important link to
implement “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”,strengthen the
effective combination of entrepreneurship and innovation,enhance the
level of entrepreneurship by training,and make efforts to improve the
business environment to push forward the development of entrepreneurial

Homecoming Days for graduates of Beijing Jiaotong University in
celebration of its 120th birthday were held on Sept 9 and 10.

Key Words:entrepreneurial wave; refugee effect; entrepreneur effect;
entrepreneurial quality; entrepreneurial environment; enterprise
survival rate

A special forum, the Inheriting, Integrating and Innovation — Studying
Abroad and Career Opportunities International Alumni Forum, was held on
Sept 10 as an exchange platform for the university’s current
international students and graduates.


Mulenga Friday Mcsleezy, a 1982 graduate from Zambia, shared his
gratitude for the school and the lasting friendship between China and


“After studying here, I worked in the transportation sector in my
country until retirement,” said Friday, as most classmates and teachers
call him. “And now, after retirement, I’m working as the manager at the
Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.”

小编:文宗瑜1、2,宋韶君1(1.华夏财政调查切磋院,北京100142;2.上海工商院国有资金财产管理协同匡正为主,Hong Kong 100048)

“I have received several Chinese top leaders at the airport. When they
learned that I studied at BJTU, they were all surprised but happy about


“I will quote what I’ve learned here to conclude my speech. Chairman Mao
once said: ‘study, study and keep studying.’ I will always keep that in
mind,” said Friday.


“I should thank the Chinese government because it offered me the
scholarship, or I would never have had the chance to come here,” said
Joseph Kibii Mariti, a 1987 graduate majoring in civil engineering, “I
became the first Kenyan to study at BJTU.”

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基金项目:国家社科基金重大项目 ;香港市社科基金重大项目。

The Inheriting, Integrating and Innovation — Studying Abroad and Career


Opportunities International Alumni Forum is held on Sept 10.

Reform Logic in Divestiture of Operational Function of State-owned
Capital from SOEs and Reconstruction of Performance Appraisal System

[Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

WEN Zongyu1, 2 & SONG Shaojun1(1.Chinese Academy of Fiscal
Sciences,Beijing 100142,China;2.Collaborative Innovation Centre for
State-owned Assets Administration,Beijing Technology and Business
University,Beijing 100048,China)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Future Development

Abstract: The state-owned enterprises are engaged in both capital
operation and industrial management. Frequently,industrial management is
ignored and industrial upgrading of product innovation is neglected.
Dependence on capital operation to continuously and even unlimitedly
expand the asset scale has become the goals of most state-owned
enterprises . By deepening the reform in the SOEs with state-owned
assets for the divestiture of operational function of state-owned
capital from SOEs,the corporations invested and operated by state-owned
assets can carry out the specialized operation of state-owned assets,and
the SOEs can revert to industrial management of products with focus on
real economy,which makes the state-owned capital operation and SOE’s
industrial management take their own responsibility. To adapt to the
divestiture of operational function of state-owned capital from SOEs,the
performance appraisal system should be reconstructed for the specialized
operation of state-owned assets.The index such as capitalization rate of
state-owned assets,annual average rate of total value of state-owned
assets,coverage rate of state-owned equity innovation,etc. should be put
in the performance appraisal system for the specialized operation of
state-owned assets and should be designed to be core index for
performance appraisal.

In the era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, that kind of
international student has also benefited from studying at the

Key Words: state-owned capital; operational function; performance
appraisal; capitalization rate of state-owned assets; annual average
rate of total value of state-owned assets; coverage rate of state-owned
equity innovation

Fabian Jesse Forrest from the US, and Sy Daniel Xu Zhenxi from France
are just in their early 20s. Their experience at the school shows their
courage and extraordinary imagination.

Fabian, a 2016 graduate majoring in the engineering of human-computer
interaction, opened his own company while still on campus. He was
involved in designing the web portals of the Beijing Municipal
Government and serves as a program consultant for theSuper Brain, a
popular science reality show in China.

Daniel, majoring in software engineering, trained himself as an Internet
expert and set up his own company in the Zhongguancun area, China’s
version of the Silicon Valley.

He is confident about the prospects of his company, which uses network
data to meet the demands of his customers, reported the overseas edition
of the People’s Daily.

“The Chinese Internet market is just like a big cake. As long as you
work hard, you are sure to win a share,” said Daniel in an interview
with the newspaper.

Formerly known as Northern Jiaotong University, Beijing Jiaotong
University is a national key university. So far, it has established
cooperative relations with over 200 universities and famous
multi-national enterprises from more than 40 countries in order to
cultivate first-class talents with global vision, according to the
official website.

Chen Feng, the university’s vice president, said at the forum’s opening
ceremony that the university is providing more down-to-earth
opportunities for international students to gain from the Belt and Road
Initiative and to become the innovative and entrepreneurial talents of
the future.

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Alumni Association of Mongolia International Students, Beijing Jiaotong

[Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]



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